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Word From Da Man
The First "Lindskii" Regiment Of Infantry Of The Czars' Army Of The South

Lindskii/high soc vs Selwyn battle 2001

It being Capping Week and getting towards winter,
the air was less then warm for battle but at least it
wasn't raining. Selwyn did us proud once more with
some impressive manufacture of cardboard armour and
their usual violently-coloured porridge.

It was their turn to cross the water this year so,
taking Lindnik Penno as "caddy" I crossed by the
bridge, gave them all weapons inspection and a brief
talk about how we do this thing and then showed their
leader how to get down the wall to the water.

Battle was joined just before I got back to our folk
(having my foot in a cast slowed down my whole day but
it's coming off tomorrow - at last!) and took a little
longer than I'd wanted to move back to a safer
distance from the Leith wall. Before too long we were
fighting above the upper set of steps and doing well
for ourselves. We were only outnumbered by about 4-1
this time as opposed to our usual 6/7-1.

Eventually I suggested to the Selwyn leader that
they charge off away from us and give us a chance to
take the battle to the Union Lawn as agreed. This
almost worked, Selwyn being the unsteerable rabble
that they are, and the melee continued there. Robert
put in another fine performance of being
dragged/carried around the scenery while attached to
our Colour and everyone was, as usual, covered in
flour and pink/yellow porridge by the end of it.
Battle ended with the customary suicide and audience

A number of Selwyn people asked when the next battle
was to take place and I was able to assure them it's
definitely on the cards. Not with arch-rivals Knox,
though - all agree that could get a little serious.
But if Selwyn and Knox are both keen we'll get two
scraps out of it and more money for Lindskiis to spend
on uniform.

Who's keen to invade Oamaru? About time it was
done, for various reasons.


Grigorii Bruceivich
Dei Gra Maior


This photo (of Da Man) Will Change Frequently.