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The First "Lindskii" Regiment Of Infantry Of The Czars' Army Of The South

Welcome To The Imperial Russian Army's Pacifist Warfare Regiment !!

The biggest, best and longest-serving Pacifist Warfare Regiment in the world - but nowhere else


We are a group of people who like to take the piss out of serious folk by performing the art of Pacifist Warfare. We model our uniforms and ranks on those of the Imperial Russian Army of approximatly 1900.

We have recently completed the first stage of remodeling our uniforms on those of the Preobrazhenkii Regiment of 1900.


We can be found in the city of Dunedin, New Zealand

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Lindskii's at the dissapearing gun april 2001

Lindskii's at the dissapearing gun 2001


An attraction at any party and we're free (Alcohol Extra)

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